Jack Hardy

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[Jack's guitar and hat]   Jack Hardy
November 23, 1947 — March 11, 2011


New — November, 2022


  [Reverie cover]
Jack's daughter, Miranda Hardy, has recorded an album of her songs which is dedicated to her father.

It is available on August 19, 2022.


Tributes and Obituaries


[Jack in Italy, 2007]
Italy 2007  photo by Laura Pietra

"With the reissuing of Hardy's first 10 albums, the full range of his talents is showcased for the first time. [...] With his songs set firmly in the centuries-old tradition of Celtic balladry, Hardy shapes his metaphors in a vision that successfully blends history, mythology, romanticism, and politics."
- Boston Globe review of new boxed sets, The Collected Works of Jack Hardy


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