Jack Hardy - Index of Songs

This is a list of songs that Jack Hardy has written or performed in concert.

Song Title Album First Line
The 111th PennsylvaneCivil WarsAs we set out that fateful morn from Erie in the rain 
1492unreleasedFourteen hundred and ninety-two guilty mothers taking kids to their mall 
The 20th CenturyThe PassingThe twentieth century was a train 
.45 Calibre ManJack Hardy (first album)When I was young we used to be quite insane 
AbileneunreleasedYou weren't the first one she let down 
Adreen and I (?) (G. Hardy)cover 
After the ShowEarly and RareIf the robin were singing you would send him back to work 
Ain't Never Found a Good WomanJack Hardy (first album)Don't leave me worried; I just don't understand 
Ain't You Got No Reason? (Same Sad Game)unreleasedIf the robin were singing, you would send him back to work
Al CormierThe Mirror of My MadnessToday Al Cormier is going to die 
All for the Love of MichaelThe HunterShe has taken to making money again 
All in TimeTwo of SwordsAll in time I crossed the river 
All Saints' EveThe Nameless OneIt was All Saints' Eve, though some call it Hallowe'en 
All the Way to MexicoBandolierAs we rode all the way down through Texas 
An Bael Bocht (The Poor Mouth)LandmarkThere were only five there, with their hat in their hand prayers 
AndaleBandolierWonderin' how you'll spend the night on a thread-bare couch again 
Angeles Rosaunreleased 
ArrowOmensAs I drive hell-bent 'neath the sickle moon 
Ask QuestionsRye GrassThe dust bowl is flooded; the northwest is dry 
AutumnBandolierAutumn was a fatal time 
A WayTwo of SwordsPlace of stone, place of loam 
Baby Loves the BanjounreleasedBaby loves the banjo; she don't know where it's been 
Backyard in KansasJack Hardy (first album)Sing a little song about our old backyard in Kansas 
Ballad of McLaughlin (Beneath the Rain)Jack Hardy (first album)One morning beneath the rain I slept a lengthy hour 
BandolierBandolierBandolier, you are clear to the border 
Before You SingThroughBefore you sing, before you strum your silken strings 
Beggar to Beggar CryunreleasedHark, hark, the dogs do bark 
The Bells of San BlasThe CauldronThe bells of San Blas are still rung by hand 
Big WheelsThe Mirror of My MadnessNight was fallin' and the cold wind was freezin' at my face 
Blackberry PieThe Nameless OneI stopped all day to pick wildflowers 
Black-eyed SusansThe PassingBlack-eyed susans by the road in all those places times forgot 
The Black HoleCivil WarsThere's a hole in your firmament of friends 
The BlanketLive Album (bonus CD)Life begins and life it ends, all on this night of winter's woe 
The Blue GardenTwo of SwordsBecause I love you, not just when you sing 
Blue on the BottomTwo of SwordsLook how the wick bends over 'neath the weight of the flame 
The Boat SongThe Mirror of My MadnessLast autumn's leaves cling to your feet 
The Boney BailiffOmensWell loved for the home that was in it and the crooked fuchsia'd walls 
Brandon Coveunreleased 
BreakersunreleasedThose who know nothing of defeat armies washed upon the shore 
BreakoutNoirStaring out the dirty window 
Broken HeartWhite ShoesIt is only a simple fact, a fact you simply need 
In the Building of the BoatOmensIn the building of the boat perhaps a fatal flaw 
The Bunch of Rushescover(Irish Gaelic) 
Bye Bye, Love (Everlys?)coverBye bye, love; bye bye, happiness 
Cain and AbelCoin of the RealmWhen Cain slew Abel it was not about the money 
CaliforniaThe HunterI watched as the sun came slowly rising 
Can't Say I Don'tunreleased 
The Castle in the RainunreleasedA man's home is his castle; it's written in stone 
The CauldronThe CauldronCatharine had a calling in the woods 
A Change of HeartOmensAnd so I told you right from the start 
The Changing WindThe HunterAs I set out across the sea, my fortune for to find 
The ChildThroughAnd the child has found his way to the spring 
The ChildrenThe HunterThe swings were rusted 'cept the places worn smooth 
The CircusWhite ShoesWe got a new owner to the circus and we are in fat city at last 
CitizensLandmarkSummer in southern Colorado 
Coal BlackunreleasedCoal black, tonight without a star 
The Coin of the RealmCoin of the RealmGeorge was not sleeping with Martha on the night that the first coin of the 
Conspiracy of SisterhoodunreleasedSoftly close the door, turn around and look at me 
Corrina, Corrina (trad.)cover 
CountdownTwo of SwordsThree days before the moon I came warning you 
The CoyoteThe HunterPain farms with their non-urban romances 
Craters on the Moonunreleased 
The CreationFast Folk albumsOn the first day the devil made decaf coffee 
Crime of the CenturyRye GrassHeadin' down to Railroad Avenue 
Cross My HeartTwo of SwordsCross my heart and hope to die if my heart should tell a lie 
The Crow on the CottageunreleasedThere's a crow on the cottage that sits by the sea
The CrowsThroughThe farmer, he watches out over his field 
DachauThe PassingOnly a stone's throw, that close to knowing 
Daisy GirlJack Hardy (first album)Daisy girl, lazy girl just stole my heart 
Das KapitalCivil WarsIt was the mother who smiled instead of the child 
Dead Man's HandBandolierDeadwood, South Dakota, has one claim to fame 
Everything's Bigger in TexasBandolierForktail sitting in a live oak tree 
DenialCoin of the RealmI will never cast the very first stone 
Dick Cheney's Daughter Cannot Get MarriedunreleasedDick Cheney's daughter cannot get married 
Dig a Hole to ChinaNoirDon't I know it now, with each day passed 
Discover What It IsThroughDiscover what it is to be in love 
Don't Tread on MeThe CauldronYou may see me on the corner with a big old smile 
Double-Edged SwordCivil WarsAll those nights we lay together 
Dover to DunkirkThe Nameless OneLoad them on board, like so many soldiers of fortune 
Down and DirtyunreleasedYou cannot argue with the cards you're dealt 
Down on YouEarly and RareJust say the word and I will leave you 
Down Where the Rabbits RunThe Mirror of My MadnessTime is but the distance 
Down with the ShipLive Album (bonus CD)As we sat in the kitchen with the radio blaring 
The Drinking SongLandmarkIn the merry, merry month of May 
Dubh RuisunreleasedWas it the harper who turned the tune, who tamed the melody deep within? 
Dublin FarewellThe HunterI carried your memory on a chain around my neck 
Dun Do ShuileThe HunterDistance makes the heart grow fonder 
The Dust of AfricaNoirThe dust of Africa is still in my throat 
EclipseOmensThe last time the moon was full it showed its darker side 
ElevatorThroughEveryone knew that something had cracked 
EmpiresNoirThey say that Rome wasn't built in a day 
End of the RoadEarly and RareYou know I can't follow you no more 
Expatriate (Expatriot)The Mirror of My MadnessOne of the bricks has fallen 
FallenThe CauldronFallen though the leaves were blown against the fence 
Fancy Free (Two of Swords)Two of SwordsFree, free, fancy free; who can be free enough? 
Fare Thee WellLandmarkThere you go down that road again 
Femme FataleWhite ShoesYou always wanted to be a femme fatale 
Fool for the Dancer (Movin' on down the Road)Civil WarsMovin' on down the road seems like a simple solution 
Forget-Me-NotTwo of SwordsAnd though you say that you'll be mine 
Four Ways of Framing the SpringThroughI have stared at this drop of rain too long 
The Ghost of Griersonjackhardy.comThe ghost of Grierson is unsettled tonight 
The Girl with the Golden ToothunreleasedHow the snow lay on the ghostly sycamores that froze this heart of mine 
Go Tell the SaviorThe Mirror of My MadnessThis is the last weary road I'm gonna travel 
Gretna GreenThe Cauldron'Twas not quite summertime out by the borderline 
Ground ZeroVigilDown to Ground Zero 
The GuttersnipeLandmarkSing "halleluiah" for the guttersnipe lives 
The Halloween ParadeThe PassingOver the Pulaski Skyway, down through the tunnel of love 
The HawkCivil WarsI gave my love a feather, the feather of a hawk 
The High LineWhite ShoesRiding on the high line that cuts against the border 
Holy GroundCoin of the RealmHoly ground, what has made it holy? 
Honky Tonk Hangover BluesEarly and RareSend me home to mother; wrap a bandage 'round my heart 
Houston StreetThe Mirror of My MadnessA man lay dead on Houston Street 
The HunterThe HunterYou who were the gatherer, who gathered me in arms 
I Am a Rovin' Gambler (traditional?)cover 
I Can't Love YouOmensI can't love you if you won't let me 
If I Ever Pass This Way AgainThe PassingAnd if I ever pass this way again 
If I Were to Lay Me DownRye GrassIf I were to lay me down, I would not, could not sleep 
I Have EyesCivil WarsI have eyes; I can see; it's not hidden very secretly 
I'm Still Dreamin'Jack Hardy (first album)It's just an old picture frame that's been filled so many times before 
In Bed with the EnemyCoin of the RealmIt's hard to rattle your saber when you're in bed with the enemy 
Incident at Ebenezer CreekWhite ShoesThe creek lies swollen before us 
In Memory of Federico García LorcaNoirCame to love those sad eyes 
The Inner ManLandmark"I have lost my coat on the road today" 
In the Market for a MuseunreleasedI'm in the market for a muse; it's not every day you get to be… 
I Ought to KnowOmensI ought to know more than I know 
It Ain't the Saint, It's the Sinner (Ten to One)unreleasedTen to one 
I've Lost a Very Pretty YouJack Hardy (first album)Love is an orphan of hate and of sorrow 
Jacob Marley and His WifeunreleasedJacob Marley and his wife came upon the tree of life 
James the Pirateunreleased 
Johnny's GoneCivil WarsNothing's on the level on the reeperbahn 
Join the BourgeoisieunreleasedYou can't get married in corduroy 
KansasRye GrassThe cattle drives all had to end 
KathleenJack Hardy (first album)It's not for you that I bring this gift of ransomed smiles 
Kitty in the Shoeshine BoxBandolierDon't much care if the neighbors they stare 
The Knight's DreamThroughWe met as friends, as friends do meet 
The Ladies of CorkNoirAll the ladies of Cork are my friends 
Lady-oWhite ShoesThe princess had a locket and the locket had a key 
The Lady Turned AwayNoirAnd the lady turned away, I could not follow after 
LandmarkLandmarkIt was not such a small town in the ante-bellum north 
The Last of the O'NeillsunreleasedSailing through the black of night 
The Laying on of HandsLive Album (bonus CD)This time of year, of the cruel months 
Least of All MeEarly and RareSilver toes dance in the starlight 
Letting Gounreleased 
Liberty [#1]unreleasedStanding tall 
Liberty [#2]unreleasedRed of the sunrise 
Little DoveRye GrassAnd so you fly, little dove 
Locked Up in FeelingsThe Mirror of My MadnessA leaf blows through my window 
London TownNoirLittle bird that sings, spread your downy wings 
Lonely BlueunreleasedSky of blue, tried and true 
Louise (Paul Siebel)coverThey all said Louise was not half-bad 
MaeveFolk Brothers: Partners in CrimeBrave the cold as it boldly blows the streets signs 
MarleneThe HunterMarlene Dietrich and Lily Marlene 
Mary's Songunreleased 
May DayThe Nameless OneIt's not like Pan to play his flute for those who dance for fun 
MeandrosLive Album (bonus CD)Who would have thought that it would be so 
MemoryOmensAnd the blackberry still has its thorns 
MemphisNoirTwenty naked women painted on the ceiling 
Middle of the RoadThe Mirror of My MadnessFortunes melt the same as ice 
The Moon Is FullBandolierThe moon is full; it's just not hungry anymore 
Morgan's DanceThe PassingI wouldn't dream of ever following this trail 
Mostly Jeri's SongJack Hardy (first album)They say an unwanted child can only make her mother smile 
MurderThe Mirror of My MadnessThey say that he is crazy as he walks down the street 
My Thoughts Turn to YouEarly and RareI found an old dusty letter that was filled up with words 
The Nameless OneThe Nameless OneWhen the leanhaun shee draw blood for freedom 
Nashville RagEarly and RareI been talkin' too much about you 
Natural Born Loser (at the Game)Early and RareMy pappy once said if you ever end up dead 
The NightmareThroughAt the edge of the flame, where the heat is so clear 
NevadaunreleasedOne sidewinding snake tried to cross that road 
Night on the TownThe Mirror of My MadnessThe wind was blowin'; I could almost see the stars 
Night Train to ParisThe CauldronAll that is open is the window 
Nobody HomeLandmarkThe wind, it sounds like voice tonight 
No FutureThroughThe buildings stand empty, yet they still stand 
No ManThroughNo man, no man shall travel this land 
Now and ThenRye GrassNow and then is just the difference between 
Now We Are ThreeJack Hardy (first album)Hours seem so much in view 
Of All of the SorrowsCollected WorksOf all of the sorrows these eyes have seen 
Oh, Mamaunreleased 
Oh WomanOmensOh, woman, you say you did not know 
On a Clear DayVigilOn a clear day you can see for miles 
One Last LeafunreleasedOne last leaf clings upon the winter's vine 
Only One SkyOmensOnly one sky, sometimes in blue and sometimes gray 
Orphan from Madrid/GuernicaLandmarkI am an orphan from Madrid 
OttomanelliThe CauldronOttomanelli, his wife and two cousins 
Out of ControlThe Mirror of My MadnessYou don't have to run away to join the circus 
Paddy and the ChinamanunreleasedPaddy and the Chinaman worked upon the railroad 
Paglia e FienoFast Folk albumsCould you wait? Could you find?
PardnersunreleasedClimb the highest mountain, hear a lonesome wail 
The PassingThe PassingIt was a bird, a petulant bird, that pecked upon the window 
PatternsunreleasedThere are patterns on the floor 
The Perambulator FactorunreleasedCaitlin looked out on her four green fields all alone 
PonderosaBandolierPonderosa and pinyon pine 
Poor ManCoin of the RealmLain down on a bed of straw 
Porto LimonThe CauldronOh, captain, my captain; oh, who is my captain? 
Portrait of the Artist as an Old ManLive Album (bonus CD)He's one of those poets marked for death in the dear old Hemingway style 
Potter's FieldThe Nameless OneThirty days has September, thirty days in the sun 
Pray for MeCoin of the RealmPray for me, she said, on the second of November 
PrisonerRye GrassThere's a valley filled with poppies 
The PromiseCivil WarsWhen you're born you make a promise 
RainerRye GrassRainer crossed the floor, then he opened the door 
Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie (Bob Dylan)cover 
Red Wine and BlueunreleasedIn that stage of drunkenness 
ResolutionThe Mirror of My MadnessEach time I leave this goddamn town 
The RoanBandolierRode into Utah, out of Grand Junction 
RodeoBandolierSomewhere down the road 'tween the treadmarks and the load 
RuinsLive Album (bonus CD)I have looked at Rome burning through the eyes of the Bronx 
Rust Belt TownunreleasedMy pappy grew onions in the black-dirt loam 
Rye GrassRye GrassI would not take that road at night 
Sail Away Till the Dawn (?)unreleasedI have looked at Rome burning through the eyes of the Bronx 
Saint ClareNoirCall on that saint and the candle that burns 
Saying FarewellunreleasedSaying farewell, but for sadness… 
Sending Home the SlatesThe Tinker's CoinOnly three fields have I 
Shark Schoolunreleased 
Síle na gCíoch (Sheila)OmensSíle, I brought you a dress I found on the side of the road 
Ship of FoolsLive Album (bonus CD)I had a dream the other night 
Sick of Winterunreleased 
Sid and Eddieunreleased 
The SiegeThe CauldronThey are laying the siege 
The Silent Bearunreleased 
Silver PennyTwo of SwordsSoftly, ever so softly, as you came into the room 
The Silver SpoonThe CauldronI saw them stand in line; the line went out of view 
Singer's LamentBandolierSo long, so long, gonna say good-bye 
So Far AwayunreleasedSomething is missing, something gone astray
Softly Close the DoorunreleasedSoftly close the door; turn around and look at me 
Song for DaveCoin of the RealmDamn bottle comin' back to me 
SoundtrackRye GrassA few bad apples rotten to the core 
SouthwindTwo of SwordsGone is the four-leaf clover the summer had arranged 
The SparrowThe Nameless OneI used to fancy myself as a sparrow on the wing 
Spayed of MoonlightunreleasedSpayed of moonlight, spayed of trouble 
Spring FeverLive Album (bonus CD)I am up against winter's wall 
Spring ValleyunreleasedLong ago, when I was nineteen, with a girl of my dreams by my side
Stainless LullabyLive Album (bonus CD)Times lost in misery, bent over tables 
St. James Infirmarycover 
StonesunreleasedEvery stones has its place 
SubwayWhite ShoesTo be sure I only wanted to go to the Upper West Side 
Sunny Side of the StreetunreleasedOn the eighteenth day, I gave up the ghost
Swan SongunreleasedOnly the clouds could cry like a swan
Swing SongEarly and RareJust an old swing song, just a two-step ragtime blues 
The Sword in the StoneCoin of the RealmBy time the Greyhound pulled into Boston the rain had turned to snow 
The TailorThe Mirror of My MadnessThe king's guardsman's greedy 
Take It Not to Heartunreleased 
Talk to Me, BabeJack Hardy (first album)Talk to me, babe 
Texas MoonBandolierAnd the moon was full that night 
That Close to CryingThe PassingThere's not an ounce of softness left within this weathered heart 
That Summer Following the BandunreleasedSo many things run both ways 
These Are the DaysunreleasedThese are the days we should be together 
The Three RavensCivil WarsIn the cold dark light of the winter's morning 
The Three SistersThe Nameless OneThree soft green mountains of jaded jewels 
ThroughThroughShe Played the Part of a Virgin 
Till the Candle Burns OutunreleasedTill the candle burns out you don't have to say 
The Tinker's CoinLandmarkCome all ye lads and lasses near 
Tobacco ShedRye GrassThe Spigot Bar Money-Maker cigars 
The Tree of RhymeLandmarkI took a tree into the town to see if it would grow 
Trees Bear WitnessTwo of SwordsWithout a sound the closing door 
The 12th of July (Gazebo)unreleasedOn the twelfth of July, though no one remembers why 
Uley Mill SongNoirI left Ireland long ago to work the mills in the Cotswolds 
Under the BridgeWhite ShoesI saw her once again today 
Urban LullabyunreleasedI have tried to rock into my song
The Vicious CircleThe Nameless OneOut plowing his fields alone, a man with his harvest unsown 
Victim of the DawnThe Mirror of My MadnessIt's a bitter fruit to swallow for a child who loved her sweets 
Walkin' with My BluesEarly and RareWalkin' with my blues, baby; you're the only one who's by my side 
The War of the RosesThe Cauldron'Twas a bonnie bunch of roses that my true love gave to me 
The Wedding SongThe HunterBy the stag of seven tines 
Síar ón nDaingean (West of Dingle)OmensSíar ón nDaingean she took off her rings 
The Wharf SongThe HunterIt's not down by the wharf they look for Jesus 
What a Strange ThoughtThroughWhat a strange thought that a life be tied to gold 
Faded Old RoseBandolierWhat is love but a faded old rose…? 
Wheelbarrow JohnnyLandmarkThrough the hills of Pennsylvane 
When Mary Rested on the RockNo Two Flakes the SameWhen Mary rested on the rock in the church beside the road 
When the Train Rolls through TownCoin of the RealmWhen the train rolls through town the rumble sets the walls shaking 
Where Has Love Gone?unreleasedWhere has love gone? It just was here
Where the River FlowsunreleasedEastern coal made Pittsburgh steel
White ShoesWhite ShoesMargaret wore white shoes when we first met 
Whom Do You Love?BandolierWhom do you love? Whom do you love? 
Whose FaultFast Folk albumsWhose fault? Oh, none at all 
Willie Goggin's HatThe PassingMet him on the Killorglin road 
Willie JonesunreleasedEighteenth of June in the cinderblock walls
WillowOmensHow the willow weeps; in the wind it sings 
Winter SunlightNoirWinter sunlight on a red brick wall 
Woman of the RoadWhite ShoesAny port in a storm, you've heard it before 
The Woman on the HorseunreleasedThe woman on the horse did not want words to this song 
Works and DaysThe Nameless OnePlease don't sing those sad songs of spring 
The Worst President EverFolk Brothers: Partners in CrimeStuck in traffic at stop and go speed I like to entertain myself 
The WrenThe CauldronWhat could ever drive a man to venture out in all this cold? 
The Yellow-billed CuckooOmensYellow-billed cuckoo sittin' on that fence 
Yellow DressCoin of the RealmYou never look so beautiful as when you're in love 
You Don't Have to Sing to MeEarly and RareYou don't have to sing to me a song of your eyes 
You Only Leave Your Heart OnceThe PassingAll those people who have pieces of you spread out 'cross the plains 
Your Time Is Your OwnTwo of SwordsYour time is your own and your own is your time 
The Zephyr (Take It Slow)Civil WarsTake it slow; take it easy; take it any way you can 

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