What Other Songwriters Say about Jack Hardy:

Jack Hardy has written some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.
  - Lucinda Williams
Jack's album The Nameless One didn't leave our turntable for a year.
  - Richard Shindell
Jack Hardy was the first person I met who really worked at writing songs, who took it seriously and went after the songs rather than waiting around for them to show up.
  - John Gorka
I once attended one of Jack Hardy's songwriting workshops. It has taken me fifteen years to understand what he is up to. I am in awe of what he does.
  - David Wilcox


What Reviewers Say about Jack Hardy:

Jack Hardy's so at home in the role of the Celtic bard that it's hard to believe he's home-grown.
  - Rolling Stone
Jack Hardy is one of the most influential figures today in defining the American folk song.
  - The Boston Globe
It's stunning to me that more people are not familiar with his work. As is the case with many influential artists, it remains an unfortunate truth that many of Jack's disciples are better known than he is on the club and festival circuit. Despite the significant shadow his songs and work have cast, his independent nature and uncompromising approach have worked against him.
  - Sing Out! Magazine
What John Lennon did for rock'n'roll, Patti Smith to new wave, and Wynton Marsalis to jazz—Jack Hardy does for folk. He is at the leading edge.
  - The River Reporter


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