The Jack Hardy Discussion Group

An Internet "discussion group" (sometimes called a "mailing list") allows people to share information with others who have a common interest. The JHardy-L group is handled by Yahoo Groups. Messages sent to the group are automatically sent to all subscribers who request e-mail distribution. It is also possible to read the messages via Yahoo Group's web interface. There is no cost to subscribe.


Home JHardy-L Page at Yahoo Groups

The home page for the JHardy-L group at Yahoo Groups is:
This is a good page to bookmark!

Since the JHardy-L group is "public," anyone may read the messages without registering or subscribing to the group.


Subscribing to the JHardy-L Group

To receive the group messages via e-mail or to utilize Yahoo Group's extra features on the web site, you need to subscribe. You may do this in one of two ways:

If you subscribe by e-mail, you will receive a message back asking you to confirm your request. All you have to do is "reply" and "send" using your mail program.

You will need to register with Yahoo at the web site if you want to post from the web interface or use the extra features of Yahoo Groups.


Message Delivery Options

AFTER subscribing you may change your message delivery option EITHER by using the "Edit My Groups" link on the My Groups page OR by e-mail. Using e-mail, the following three options are available:



To unsubscribe from JHardy-L, either click the "Leave Group" button on your JHardy-L membership page or send a BLANK e-mail message to:


Bounced Messages

If you subscribe to a Yahoo Groups discussion group under one of the e-mail options ("normal" or "digest"), Yahoo Groups will suspend sending mail to you after repeated attempts "bounce back." To see your recent bounced messages, view your Yahoo Groups "preferences" at and click "Bounce history" for your e-mail address. For more information on bounced-message handling by Yahoo Groups, search Yahoo Groups help for the word "bounce".


Yahoo Groups Help

For help with Yahoo Groups, access


Additional Information about Yahoo Groups

Yahoo Groups does not charge group owners or users. They make their money by putting an advertisement at the bottom of each message (at the top of digests). Usually they consist of 3 or 4 lines of text. I have been a subscriber to some Yahoo Groups discussion groups for over two years and find the ads unobtrusive, but of course "your mileage may vary."

Yahoo Groups' privacy policy is at

In the web interface, e-mail addresses are partially hidden to protect the e-mail senders' identities from spammers. It is still possible, however, to reply an individual who posted a message; you just won't know what the poster's e-mail address is (unless he or she e-mails you back).

The group is set up to discard any attachments; however, the plain-text part of the messages should go through. If a message doesn't go through, the sender will be notified.

Postings by new members are moderated. This is done to prevent spammers from joining the list and sending out undesired messages.

Using the web interface, you must be signed-in to Yahoo and you must be subscribed to JHardy-L in order to use features other than reading messages. And your browser must have cookies enabled in order for Yahoo Groups to recognize that you are signed-in as you move between pages.



If you have questions about the operation of Yahoo Groups, please refer to their web site.

If you have questions about the set-up of the JHardy-L group, please e-mail me at r m u r a @ s p a m c o p . n e t. If you have questions or problems regarding your Yahoo account, you will need to contact Yahoo support, as I do not have access to the account information of others.

Ron Mura

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