Jack Hardy - August 5, 2001

The Kendall Café, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jack was one of three performers who played at the Kendall Café in Cambridge, Mass., Sunday evening. Each played for an hour. Carl Cacho, who arranged for Jack to come up for the gig, opened and as usual did a fine set. Carl and Jack are friends and run into each other often at festivals, and they have played on the same bill in New England many times.

Jack followed and definitely practiced his "Shut Up and Sing the Song" motto. Although he gave introductions to a few of the songs, he managed to fit 15 Hardy-length songs into his hour. He did a 16th, an encore, when closer Hewitt Huntwork kindly offered Jack a few minutes from his time.

Tom Duval, who often plays electric lead guitar with Jack, played bass this evening. The sound was mixed well in the small club, and Tom's fine playing and subtle harmonies added a lot to the songs.

The last couple of times I've seen Jack, the audience has been mostly people from the local area who probably go to many shows at the venue but aren't necessarily too familiar with his music. On Sunday, however, the Kendall was full of long-time Jack Hardy fans. Many of them probably went to Passim when Jack was a common performer there in the '80s and early '90s. Jack seem to revel in being back in Cambridge and playing before a group that was familiar with his songs.

The set list (songs marked with an asterisk are unreleased):

  1. Das Kapital
  2. Through
  3. The Lady Turned Away *
  4. Síle na gCíoch [Sheila]
  5. The 12th of July (gazebo song) *
  6. Dun Do Shuile
  7. Ponderosa and Piñon Pine *
  8. Uley Mill Song *
  9. Marlene
  10. Andale *
  11. I Ought to Know
  12. St. Clare *
  13. Arrow
  14. The Wharf Song
  15. Autumn *
  16. The Sword in the Stone *
Ron Mura

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